[Samba] winbind and smb tries to auth as pdc$ rather than local name when using ADS

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Wed Sep 23 21:16:07 MDT 2009

> This specific instance is intended to host shares for which users
> authenticate with their AD credentials, the normal authentication for
> the system works fine and so does joining the domain. As mentioned
> earlier initializing kinit and wbinfo returns the expected results and
> the server shows up as a member in AD.

I'm a bit confused about what you had to do with kinit, keytabs and
Kerberos, because we've never touched anything to do with Kerberos and
people can log on to our domain and browse the shares on our Samba
servers with the AD username passed through (i.e. no separate log on to
Samba.)  It sounds like this is what you're trying to achieve.

We just joined each Samba machine to the domain ("net ads join") and it
worked straight away.

The first time I did this a few years ago I messed around with the
Kerberos stuff before realising that apparently it's not necessary...


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