[Samba] TOSHAG-IDMAP.xml translate finished and some TYPO found

OPC oota t-oota at dh.jp.nec.com
Wed Sep 23 18:20:25 MDT 2009

Now, TOSHARG-IDMAP.xml translate to Japanese finished(3.4.0 base).
And some typo found.

The IDMAP facility is of concern where more than one Samba server (or Samba network client)
is installed in a domain. Where there is a single Samba server, do not be too concerned regarding
the IDMAP infrastructure &smbmdash; the default behavior of Samba is nearly always sufficient.
Where mulitple Samba servers are used it is often necessary to move data off one server and onto
      ------- multiple
another, and that is where the fun begins!

                                Where <command>winbindd</command> is not used Samba (<command>smbd</command>)
                                                           may be forgot "," _
                                uses the underlying UNIX/Linux mechanisms to resolve the identity of incoming
                                network traffic. This is done using the LoginID (account name) in the
                                session setup request and passing it to the getpwnam() system function call.
                                This call is implemented using the name service switch (NSS) mechanism on
                                modern UNIX/Linux systems. By saying "users and groups are local,"
                                we are implying that they are stored only on the local system, in the
                                <filename>/etc/passwd</filename> and <filename>/etc/group</filename>

                                For example, when the user <literal>BERYLIUM\WambatW</literal> tries to open a
                                connection to a Samba server the incoming SessionSetupAndX request will make a
                                         may be forgot ","  -
                                system call to look up the user <literal>WambatW</literal> in the
                                <filename>/etc/passwd</filename> file.

Security identifiers used within a domain must be managed to avoid conflict and to preserve itegrity.
In an NT4 domain context, the PDC manages the distribution of all security credentials to the backup
domain controllers (BDCs). At this time the only passdb backend for a Samba domain controller that is suitable
for such information is an LDAP backend.

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