[Samba] cifs.upcall not respecting krb5ccname env var?

Samuel Denbigh Leslie samuel.denbigh.leslie at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 09:47:04 MDT 2009

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the clarification on the cifs.upcall behaviour I was seeing and
the fix in Git master.

The box in question is a CentOS 5.3 x86_64 box using the SerNet 3.2
binaries, and so, upgrading to the latest sources in the Samba Git tree
wasn't really an option for a stable production server.

However, I've managed to "backport" the fix simply by rebuilding the
relevant SRPM (which SerNet makes available) after patching it with the
latest cifs.upcall source. The only required modification was of an include
to point to the correct file (hierarchy seems to have changed a fair bit
since the 3.2-branch unsurprisingly); specifically:

  29 #include "../libcli/auth/spnego.h"


  29 #include "spnego.h"

This compiles fine and seems to work great, while still using stable sources
provided by SerNet. I recognise this is probably not ideal or recommended,
but it does work, and fixes the problem.

Thanks again for the advice and the fix you committed! 


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