[Samba] Slow login to Samba PDC from windows XP

Garith Dugmore garith at saao.ac.za
Wed Sep 23 01:06:35 MDT 2009

Hi All,

I've narrowed this down to the "preparing networks" part of the windows 
login. I've setup a bridged machine to sit in between the Windows XP box 
and the network and filtered on only the Windows XP's IP.

Filter Log -> http://pastebin.com/m64bbd6eb
Samba global Conf -> http://pastebin.com/m662cc5da

The windows xp machine takes about 15-20 second to get to the login 
prompt (ctrl-alt-del) after that the login is quite quick. Is there 
anything I could look at in the smb.conf to speed things up? Any other 

Thanks in advance!


Garith Dugmore

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