[Samba] 75 second (5 x 15) between login request and response

Laurens Blankers laurens.blankers at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 12:33:46 MDT 2009

Hello all,

It takes about 75 seconds before Samba answers a login request from a WinXP
SP3 client. After the delay the client connects successfully and can browse
the share. The delay seems to be made up off 5 separate delays of 15 seconds
each judging by the debug logs. The delay seems to be caused by a
configuration issue with the LDAP password backend, but I can't figure out
what the problem(s) is/are.

I have attached the log file of a WinXP client (named Mu) trying to connect
to the Samba server (version 3.3.4, running on Debian, called Theta) using
the user Laurens.

Any insights in what is causing this will be very much appreciated.



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