[Samba] How do I tell winbind to always send kerberos pre-auth to Active Directory DC

Andreas Dan Larsson andreas.d.larsson at axis.com
Tue Sep 22 04:56:28 MDT 2009

> You might want to look at the docs for krb5.conf if there's any setting you can use to stop the non-preauth requests.
> I'm afraid I don't have those docs handy right now, and I'm behind a slow mobile connection.

Thank you for the answer. 

Doesn't look like it's possible to do anything about this in the configs im afraid. If it's not possible to request pre-auth in the SASL libs I guesse I'm out of luck. Ill try to find a way to filter it from the domain controllers instead.

Andreas Larsson
Axis Communicatications

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