[Samba] User authentication from multiple domains

Xavier Poulain hicspeo at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 17 23:41:06 MDT 2009


I'm trying to upgrade my samba server (v. 2.0.7) running on Solaris 8 by a more recent one (v 3.0.33) running on RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.3.

My older configuration is set to 'security = server' and the 'password server' parameter contains the names of the two primary domain controlers of the two different domains that need to access the samba server.
It does work smoothly as the users from the two different domains get successfully authenticated by their own PDC.

It looks like on newer versions of samba, things have changed slightly: if the first server mentionned on the 'password server' parameters answers the user doesn't exist, samba doesn't try the next server to authenticate the user making it impossible to access the samba server from two different domains at the same time.

I must be doing something wrong here, but after quite a lot of searching, I can't seem to find a solution to my problem.

Any idea?

My samba server is on the same subnet as the first domain and it 'sees' the second domain through a gateway.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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