[Samba] User shares shown when browsing server

Ian iancshay at comcast.net
Fri Sep 18 11:42:03 MDT 2009


It used to be that when I click on the Samba machine in 
Windows' Network Neighborhood, in addition to all public 
shares I would also see my home directory. I think Samba 
took the Windows username given, looked it up in smbusers, 
and decided which user's home share to show.

This doesn't happen any more; now I need to request the 
share explicitly by typing \\sambaserver\myusername. Is 
there a way to enable the old behavior?

I also noticed that now it takes some effort to give the 
proper username to Windows when it pops open the dialog 
asking for a password. Most of the time the username appears 
as "sambaserver\Guest" and is grayed out. To give it the 
username I want, I need to go to Map Network Drive and click 
on "Connect using different user name". Why does Windows 
insist on logging me in as Guest, and is this a function of 
something that it gets from Samba? If so, can that be changed?


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