[Samba] Autofs and Fedora 11

Ian Shay iancshay at comcast.net
Fri Sep 18 07:31:42 MDT 2009

 > Think that smbclient is using other methods for netbios name resolving,
 > maybe you can try //matsa.full.dns.name or //ip.address

Wow, this seems unfortunate that mount.cifs does not honour smb.conf. At any 
rate, I cannot use what you are suggesting because the IP addresses are 
DHCP-assigned and the Linksys router that does the DHCP does not do DNS; it 
supplies an external DNS server, which of course won't work.

So, given that I don't want to go through the process of giving static IPs and 
editing fstab or auto.misc every time a new laptop is temporarily added to the 
network, is there a way to have mount.cifs use BCAST as a way of resolving names?

Furthermore, this was NOT a problem on the older Linux box that I am trying to 
replace (it has redhat 7 and some older version of samba). What can I do to get 
at least the same level of functionality as the old one had?


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