[Samba] smb.conf(5) format meaning question

Linda Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Thu Sep 17 10:53:36 MDT 2009

Michael Wood wrote:
> S means it can be used in a share definition and also in the Global section:
>> I've sorta got it in my head that most (S) switch that could make sense globally,
>> could be used/set in the global section as a 'default' for all shares, but
>> I don't find that documented in the manpage, so I'm questioning...??
> It's in the PARAMETERS section.
	Thanks for pointing to the right paragraph.  I think I glossed over
it because I didn't see the same notation in the definition, as used in
the successive text. 

	There are some notational conventions used in the documentation
that I feel could use some improvement, but I know, in some cases, that
the underlying source is based on DocBook, and I don't know if some of
those conventions are enforced by DB, or can be adjusted with a style
sheet.  But until I think or come up with a better concrete solution,
I'll keep my mouth shut and just thank you for pointing me at the 
correct section...:-)


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