[Samba] A device with two interfaces

Toni amontfes at yahoo.es
Thu Sep 17 05:59:38 MDT 2009

I would appreciate advice over that question.

I have two devices with both wirelees and ethernet cable interface. A laptop
and a media recorder, in a domestic network over a D-Link DSL-G624T

My first approach was to assign only one static IP to each device: the same
for both interfaces. My reason to do that was that they both can't never be
active simultaneously and, on the other hand, two IPs for one host were no
correct from the point of view of the name resolution. It seams to work
fine on linux, but when I try to do the same with the Windows XP partition
of the laptop (dual boot) Windows complains that I can't assign the same IP
to two interfaces. Which is the correct approach to this issue?

Thanks in advance,

PS: My apologizes if this is not the right news group, but I think the issue
can have something to do with some erratic behavior in my samba

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