[Samba] smb.conf(5) format meaning question

Linda Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Thu Sep 17 00:28:38 MDT 2009

In the smb.conf manpage, there is a notation used, (G) or (S) for global or share.

Does (S) mean it can only be used in a Share section (i.e. - will be ignored 
in the global section), or is that they *can* be applied at the share level, 
and, possibly set a default in the 'G'lobal section?

"ea support = yes"

Seems like that could mean that extended attrs are supported globally, 
though, as it is marked with an (S), I'm not sure if that's a valid
interpretation.  I didn't see, or missed the section before the first use
of the notation that tells me if (S) means will only have an effect in
a 'S'hare section or if it means it can be used in either place.

I've sorta got it in my head that most (S) switch that could make sense globally,
could be used/set in the global section as a 'default' for all shares, but
I don't find that documented in the manpage, so I'm questioning...??

(maybe the manpage could be more clear (if its the case that I don't need reading
glasses and missed it...;^) ).

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