[Samba] Share authentication via AD

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Thu Sep 17 00:26:09 MDT 2009

> The problem I'm experiencing is that I'm unable to authenticate to the
> share and thus browse it.

What do you mean by 'authenticate to the share'?  Normally you only
authenticate with a server.

> As far as the basics, the server is joined successfully to the domain
> and I can browse to it from a windows box. I know that winbind is
> functioning as I can login (via local or ssh) using my Active Directory
> username and password.

If you can see a list of shares but you can't open them, it just means
you've locked down the access on the shares.  Try adding "public = yes"
or see the "valid users" option if you don't want everyone to get access.


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