[Samba] 2.6.31-rc8: CIFS with 5 seconds hiccups

Christoph Lameter cl at linux-foundation.org
Wed Sep 16 10:26:04 MDT 2009

On Tue, 15 Sep 2009, Jeff Layton wrote:

> Yow, that version of mount.cifs is really old. I wonder if it may be
> passing bad mount options to the kernel? Might be interesting to strace
> that. Something like:
> # strace -f -s 256 -e mount mount -t cifs //chiprodfs2/company /mnt -ouser=clameter,domain=xxx
> ...it'll probably have a cleartext password in it so you might want to
> doctor the options a bit before sending along if you do.
> Alternately, you might just want to try a newer version of mount.cifs
> and see whether that fixes this.

Tried a newer version of mount.cifs without any change.

> > I cannot mount the clameter dir on the 32 bit box. Hangs. So I will mount
> > /company.
> >
> Actually, the trace of a hanging mount would probably be interesting.
> Does the 32-bit capture that you sent represent a mount attempt that
> hung? Or was it successful?

No it was successful.

> What's the "devname" that you're giving to the mount command for the
> "clameter" dir? If there's more than 1 path component after the
> hostname, then the problem may be in the old version of mount.cifs.
> Some of them had broken handling for path prefixes.

its //machinename/company/clameter

So two components.

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