[Samba] Can winning authenticate users from two AD groups?

Joel_Therrien Joel_Therrien at uml.edu
Tue Sep 15 15:15:21 MDT 2009


I am trying to authenticate users from two seperate groups within our  
active directory listings: faculty and students. I can do wbinfo -a on  
users from both groups. But when students try to access samba shares  
they cannot. Since I am using PAM for authentication, I had them try  
logging into the Linux box. They can do that using the exact same  
credentials they tried with the samba login. Faculty have no issues.

I have the samba.conf file and log files available if needed.

Thanks in advance for any help, this issue is preventing my students  
from having easy access to the lab's data file server.

Joel Therrien
Ast. Professor,
Electrical and Computer Engineering

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