[Samba] FYI, Samba presentation at Ohio LinuxFest 2009

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Tue Sep 15 12:31:40 MDT 2009

At this years Ohio LinuxFest 2009 Don Vosburg will be presenting on his
experiences deploying Samba in various configurations:

"So You Think You Can Dance? Samba in the Real World" by Don Vosburg 
Samba is a terrific file sharing project - but how well can you dance?
Hear real world examples of hot to swing with Samba. We will explore
integration with existing networks, or standing up your own Samba
domain. The emphasis will be on creating a practical Samba server
environment, and making it robust as well. Look for some strong tips, a
few tricks, and a start on best practice. Demonstrations will be shown
as well.

Don Vosburg (So You Think You Can Dance? Samba in the Real World) has
been in the IT industry for over 15 years in a wide variety of roles.
His experiences as a system administrator, architect, and consultant
provide a wealth of illustration. For the last five years he has been a
technology specialist for Novell, Inc. His area of special concentration
has been Linux. He has been tapped for presentations at Novell
Brainshare, LinuxWorld San Francisco, Ohio LinuxFest, and numerous other


Ohio LinuxFest 2009
Free and Open Source Software Conference and Expo
Columbus, Ohio  :  September 25-27, 2009

Registration Deadline: September 18, 2009

The Ohio LinuxFest 2009 registration deadline is September
18, 2009. If you have not registered yet, please hurry over
to http://www.ohiolinux.org and register today.

Join us for the seventh annual Ohio LinuxFest conference
to celebrate 40 years of Unix. We have an exciting line up
of talks and this year the conference extends from Friday
to Sunday.

Friday, September 25, features professional training courses
(Professional package registration required) and a course for Linux
beginners which includes a refurbished computer, with Linux pre-
installed for you (Quick Start package required). A series of conference
talks and other sessions will be held on Friday as well.

Saturday, September 26, features the expo and four
conference tracks. We have a great line up of speakers; Doug
McIlroy, Shawn Powers, Dr. Peter Salus, and many more.

The Diversity in OpenSource Workshop will be held on Sunday,
September 27th. A mix of talks and open discussion will help
attendees identify biases and learn ways to break down
barriers, invisible or blatant. Also, two certification
examinations will be held on Sunday the 27th. Linux
Professional Institute will host an LPI certification exam,
and the BSD Certification Group will offer the BSDA
certification exam for Ohio LinuxFest attendees.

Four registration packages are available for the Ohio
LinuxFest this year.

The Enthusiast Package is available at no cost for students,
enthusiasts, and those that want to come to the event to
find out more about Free and Open Source software.

The Supporter Package is available again at a low cost of
$65.00 to support the event. As a measure of appreciation,
the supporter package includes lunch on Saturday and a
commemorative Ohio LinuxFest tee-shirt.

The Quick Start Package is available for $250.00, which in
addition to access to the events on Saturday, includes a
full day of Linux Basics training on Friday and a
refurbished Linux computer to take home.

The Professional Package is available for $350.00, which in
addition to Saturday's activities, also includes access to
the one day OLFU tutorials on Friday.

The Ohio LinuxFest welcomes people from all 50 states and
international participants. We have had participants from
Canada, England, Argentina, Brazil, and Australia in years
past. Note that the Ohio LinuxFest is a 501c3 non-profit,
volunteer organization. All proceeds are used for
conference costs.

Thank you and hope to see you in Columbus, The Ohio
LinuxFest team.

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