[Samba] Windows 2008 terminal services with a samba PDC

Thomas Stegbauer mailingliste1 at stegbauer.info
Mon Sep 14 05:58:21 MDT 2009

Hi Thomas Six,

start the Terminserver License Manager, rightclick the Licenseserver and
klick properties (hopefully correctly translated, have no english gui here)

Then there is Information menu, where it show's the path where the keys
are located and the mode. the mode can be: Workgroup, Domain, Forest.
But Domain and Forest are only there, when it is integrated into a AD.

When the Terminalserver doesn't find a Licenseserver, it complains in
the lower right corner, when an Administrator is logged in:
i dont have such an information.


Am 14.09.2009 13:32, schrieb Thomas Six:
> Hi Thomas Stegbauer,
> The terminal is indeed  licensed in PerUser mode. But where can I find
> if he is running in Workgroupmode or domain mode?
> Kind regards,
> Thomas Six
> Thomas Stegbauer schreef:
>> Am 11.09.2009 17:07, schrieb mailingliste1 at stegbauer.info:
>>> Hi everybody,
>>> in reply to
>>> http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2009-September/150448.html
>>> i am running Samba 3.4.0 on Ubuntu 8.04 (from
>>> http://ppa.launchpad.net/pgquiles/ppa/ubuntu hardy main).
>>> The tdbsam is within the LDAP Server (created with gosa and Samba
>>> 3.0.28).
>>> I installed also two Windows 2008 Server's on the first i have also
>>> the activated License-Server. (I installed also on the second
>>> Terminalserver a Licenseserver, but didn't enable it, to get the
>>> License Manager)
>>> i added the machine to the samba controlled domain. and it complain's
>>> about missing the licenseserver on both computer's. cant say, if it
>>> worked before adding it to the domain.
>>> When setting within terminalserver configuration the named license
>>> server, it say's valid license server found. But even after a reboot,
>>> the tsconfig.msc complain's about missing license Server.
>>> I checked also the registry http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=279561
>>> the server is listed correctly.
>>> I added also the domainname\nameoftse$ to remote Desktop User's.
>>> Does there already an idea?
>>> greetings
>>> thomas
>> Hello Thomas,
>> i have a suspicion.
>> 1.) the license-Server is running in Workgroup-Mode (can be checked in
>> LicenseManager Properties of the Licenceserver)
>> 2.) your LicenseServer and Terminalserver run both in Licensing perUser
>> can everybody - running a w2k8tse on a sambadomain - check if the
>> licenseserver doesn't get found if this properties are set?
>> Does there exist somebody running a w2k8 tse longer than 120days with
>> this settings?
>> greetings
>> thomas

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