[Samba] Windows 2008 terminal services with a samba PDC

Thomas Stegbauer mailingliste1 at stegbauer.info
Mon Sep 14 03:26:21 MDT 2009

Am 11.09.2009 17:07, schrieb mailingliste1 at stegbauer.info:
> Hi everybody,
> in reply to
> http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2009-September/150448.html
> i am running Samba 3.4.0 on Ubuntu 8.04 (from
> http://ppa.launchpad.net/pgquiles/ppa/ubuntu hardy main).
> The tdbsam is within the LDAP Server (created with gosa and Samba 3.0.28).
> I installed also two Windows 2008 Server's on the first i have also
> the activated License-Server. (I installed also on the second
> Terminalserver a Licenseserver, but didn't enable it, to get the
> License Manager)
> i added the machine to the samba controlled domain. and it complain's
> about missing the licenseserver on both computer's. cant say, if it
> worked before adding it to the domain.
> When setting within terminalserver configuration the named license
> server, it say's valid license server found. But even after a reboot,
> the tsconfig.msc complain's about missing license Server.
> I checked also the registry http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=279561
> the server is listed correctly.
> I added also the domainname\nameoftse$ to remote Desktop User's.
> Does there already an idea?
> greetings
> thomas
Hello Thomas,

i have a suspicion.

1.) the license-Server is running in Workgroup-Mode (can be checked in
LicenseManager Properties of the Licenceserver)
2.) your LicenseServer and Terminalserver run both in Licensing perUser

can everybody - running a w2k8tse on a sambadomain - check if the
licenseserver doesn't get found if this properties are set?
Does there exist somebody running a w2k8 tse longer than 120days with
this settings?


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