[Samba] samba w/o openvpn: OK - else strange issues

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Sun Sep 13 19:15:18 MDT 2009

> I create a file or a folder ... sometimes works, sometimes not
> THEN: If it works I try to rename the file or folder. It does not
> *ALWAYS* work. Sometimes it does. More often it does not. WinXP throws
> "access denied". I played around with the parameters "nt acl support =
> no", "directory mask", "create mask", "force directory mask". Nothing
> really works out (latest version attached below). The logfiles are
> very busy and I cannot figure out what is really going on.
> => did anybody ever observe this?
> => this does not occur, when I do *not* access the share through VPN!
> Or is this coincidence?

Forwarding traffic over a tunnel like this can be problematic, as
different MTUs etc. can result in dropped packets and other odd issues.
 IIRC OpenVPN doesn't normally tunnel broadcasted traffic either, but
that's usually only used when trying to connect to the machine in the
first place.

> => real issue is, that sometimes it works. In this successful case,
> the renamed folder appears only after various F5 in winXP (refresh).

If you get an access denied error it would seem that the connection is
fine, but for some reason you end up connected as a different user.
When this happens I would temporarily grant full access to the share
(chmod a+rwx) then create a new file.  If you look at the file on the
server you will see what user and group it was created by, and
presumably this user didn't have access to rename the original file.

If that's the case it means you'll need to investigate why suddenly that
user has no access, or why suddenly you end up connected as a different


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