[Samba] Still problems with samba 3.4.1 / ldap and search for users ans machines

Ralf Hornik Mailings ralf at best.homeunix.org
Sat Sep 12 13:49:50 MDT 2009

Rob Shinn schrieb:
> That's the book I started with and it's great material.  Thanks for 
> writing it!
Yes, that helped me to find the mistake. The problem was indeed the nss 
lookup for the ID's. I use Opensolaris and there it is some difference 
to Linux.
Solaris uses an ldap provided profile for configuring local ldap 
authentication (objectclass: DUAConfigProfile).

The default passwd lookup is "ou=people,<ldap_base>" since it is created 
during idsconfig (Sun One DS)
To change this you have to add

serviceSearchDescriptor: passwd:ou=whatever,<ldap_base>?sub

to the ldap profile.

Thank you and best regards!


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