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SkyBeam rme at bluemail.ch
Wed Sep 2 01:29:53 MDT 2009

SkyBeam wrote:
> Alternatively you might set the following registry REG_SZ value:
> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\System\DNSClient\NV
> PrimaryDnsSuffix
> Set the value to the desired domain sufix (e.g. "domain.local"). Then
> reboot the machine and see 'ipconfig /all' printing your custom primary
> DNS suffix. However within the system properties you will still see your
> "DOMAIN" listed but it's overridden by the policy value.

I found that this solution does not fully work sometimes Windows still tries
to look up "<host>.DOMAIN" instead of "<host>.domain.local". So I was
looking for the place within the registry which stores the domain name
(which fails to propagate on domain-join) and found it within the TCP/IP
service at
Changing the "NV Domain" to the right local domain makes the domain appear
within the domain join dialog too.

So my modification reg-file looks as follows now:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; Enable NT-Domain compatibility mode
; Default:
; [value not present]
; "DomainCompatibilityMode"=-

; Disable required DNS name resolution
; Default:
; [value not present]
; "DNSNameResolutionRequired"=-

; Disable requirement of signed communication
; My Samba (3.0.33) works with signed communication enabled, so no need to
disable it.
; Default:
; "RequireSignOrSeal"=dword:00000001
; Disable the usage of strong keys
; Default:
; "RequireStrongKey"=dword:00000001

; [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\System\DNSClient]
; Enforce DNS suffix
; It seems this is not necessary - see below
; "NV PrimaryDnsSuffix"="domain.local"

; Overwrite DNS domain. Usually the domain is supposed to be propagated
; when joining the domain. But with Samba this does not work (yet).
"NV Domain"="domain.local"

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