[Samba] Windows 2008 terminal services with a samba PDC

Thomas Six ts at schaubroeck.be
Thu Sep 10 06:13:09 MDT 2009


My windows 2008 terminal server doesn't find the terminal license server 
when I add the windows server to the samba domain. The license server is 
installed on the same 2008 server as where the terminal services are 
installed on. When the windows server was still in a workgroup, then he 
found the TS license server.

I'm using samba 3.2.14-40 and on the windows server 2008, the SP2 is 

The windowsservers name is WIN2008 and I can ping to WIN2008 from the 
linux server, so the DNS is correct. Can anyone tell me what the problem 
can be, or what I can do to resolv this problem?

Kind regards,

Thomas Six

Schaubroeck informatica
Tel 0032 9 389 0526

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