[Samba] Rejoin BDC to domain?

Brian H binarynomad at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 19:01:43 MDT 2009

We recently  replaced a failing PDC, and it seems to be working just  

# net rpc testjoin
Join to 'OURDOMAIN' is OK

# net lookup dc OURDOMAIN

But the BDC now seems to be having problems.  We cannot get new  
workstations (in the subnet with the BDC) to join the domain, and  
while logged into the BDC, we get:

# net rpc testjoin
Unable to find a suitable server
Join to domain 'OURDOMAIN' is not valid

# net lookup dc
#  <blank>

This BDC was working fine before we replaced the PDC, and I tried:

net rpc getsid -S OURDOMAIN -I -U admin%password

which says it grabbed the SID.   Do I need to rejoin the BDC to the  

Thanks for any help,

Brian H
binarynomad at gmail.com

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