[Samba] net rpc rights grant: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Tue Sep 8 17:42:50 MDT 2009

> Well, I wasn't actually able to run the net rpc rights grant.  I was
> still getting the access denied errors.  Instead, I just added testpc1
> as a member of the local Builtin/Administrators group which has all the
> rpc rights by default.

Well now testpc1 is an admin you should be able to run the command again
and it should work.  Since you're not actually using Active Directory
you could presumably also use "-U machine_name/root" or whatever the
name is of the local Samba root/admin account, instead of the testpc1 user.

> So it's still a valid question.  Does net rpc rights grant for the user
> edit the Active Directory object?

I think the permission you're trying to access is set at the local
machine level - think of it like a firewall.  When the request comes
through Samba decides whether to allow or deny it based on the privilege
you're trying to set.  So it will apply whether or not you're using
Active Directory.  That's my understanding of it anyway!


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