[Samba] Can't find users from WinXP with Samba+ADS+ACL environment

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Tue Sep 8 16:25:07 MDT 2009

> Windows XP says that can't find 'bob' username.

I'm not 100% sure of the situation, but if you're using local accounts
(particularly when you are on a domain) you will usually have to put the
machine name in where the domain would go, e.g. the username is

> Why can't WinXP find bob username? From the Samba machine I'm able to see
> that user from 'wbinfo -u' and 'getent passwd' list. Is it correct that
> WinXP tries to find usernames from the Samba server instead from the AD
> Server?
> Is it mandatory for WinXP to be part of the domain to get the list of users
> correctly?

If XP is *not* in the domain but Samba is, then I'm not sure how it
would work.  You would need to put usernames in of the form
"DOMAIN\user" for the Samba server to understand them, but then if you
did this XP would probably look for a domain instead of forwarding the
name onto Samba as-is.

You may need to look at username mapping to get this to work without the
XP machine being on the same domain as Samba.


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