[Samba] Port 7

Anthony Accurso ihtarlik at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 13:29:19 MDT 2009

>> > Wow, that's weird. Never seen that. I would *love* to log
>> > into that box....
>> >
>> > Volker
>> >
>> I'm not about to open the box up for international inspection.  This
> Sure, I did not expect that at all. This is just *soo*
> weird, Samba on its own never listens on port 7.
> Volker
I figured he was being jovial and empathetic.  I responded with humor
because this is so very frustrating, and in all of my years of using
Samba I have never seen behavior so wildly "out there".  I thought the
flying pig metaphor was very apt.  I am not upset in any way with
Volker, nor should might comment be interpreted as a slight on his

Charles and Miguel: I appreciate your efforts to rid the world of
ungrateful trolls.  However, I am not one of them.

Thank you Volker for being patient with me throughout the evening. And
thanks Alex for being so helpful.  And yes Alex, I did try "testparm
-s | grep 7".  It wasn't until seeing the output from testparm that I
noticed my comment about Windows 7 on the "smb ports" line was being
interpreted as a port number.  That's the last time I try to place a
comment on the same line as a parameter.

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