[Samba] random samba failures

Rodriguez Alban alban.rodriguez at univ-lr.fr
Fri Sep 4 11:22:31 MDT 2009


I don't know if I'm posting to the right list, so ... please, let me  

We have a samba 3.4.0 running on Linux SLES 11 which is using winbind  
to authenticate to a Windows server 2008.
Everything was working flawlessly (July) until samba started to hang  
randomly (september). When this happens, already connected client are  
still accessing their network shares but any new client gets rejected  
and a defunct smbd process appears in the process list on the server.
At that point we have to stop/start samba server and kill zombi  
processes or shutdown/restart the server.

Clients OS are Windows 2000, XP and Vista and also Gentoo Linux  
(2.6.24 kernel) or Fedora 11 Linux (2.6.29 kernel).

failure isn't occuring after a regular period of time, and doesn't  
seem related to a number of users. Also neither cpu nor memory charge  
happens to be critical at the time of failure.

We also observed that winbindd process is still alive and ready when  
defunct smbd process are growing.

We suspect a kind of client OS to be responsible but it's just a  

we didn't find any useful information in the log files (smbd,  
winbindd, client) even if the debug level was raised to 3.

The problem is that we know when the first client gets rejected, but  
not when the originating error occurs.

if you have any advice to narrow what's causing this issue, please help!

I can provide any config or log file along with every details for any  
tests you may think of.

thanks for your help


Alban Rodriguez
Centre de Ressources Informatiques
Université de La Rochelle

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