[Samba] samba / ldap

azzouz azzouz at hymedia.univ-paris8.fr
Fri Sep 4 09:15:37 MDT 2009

Hi !

il want tow have one ldap backend and tow instance domain in the same 

tow question :

1 - when i start the first instance domain1 i get a SID witch is put to 
secrets.tbd file.

    but when i start the second one it detect the SID in secrets file 
and so don't create an other.

    how can i differenttiate the secrets.tbd file for each instance 
refered to a different smb.conf file and a particular domain ?

2 - this one is related to the first question:
      does someone have tested like this configuration and have user 
connexion to ldap from the tow domain.

Thanks !


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