[Samba] several domain

azzouz azzouz at hymedia.univ-paris8.fr
Fri Sep 4 05:35:32 MDT 2009

Michael Wood wrote:
> Sorry, I forgot to include the list in my reply.
> 2009/9/4 Michael Wood <esiotrot at gmail.com>:
>> 2009/9/4 azzouz <azzouz at hymedia.univ-paris8.fr>:
>> [...]
>>> otherwise the script don't work as i expected. i have tow different script :
>>> one execute 1 instance for the domainn Domain1 and an other one for the
>>> domain  domain1. The tow script refer to tow different smb.conf file.
>>> 1 - When i execute the first one first: it 's OK
>>>   But when i execute the second one after: nothing! the process are not
>>> executed.
>>> 2 - When i execute the second one first: it's ok
>>>   But when i execute the first one after: nothing! the process are not
>>> executed
>>>  it's like i could only execute only one instance !
>>> how to get around ?
>> Unfortunately I can't test this at the moment.  Maybe you should try
>> starting up smbd and nmbd from the command line first without using
>> the scripts.  When that's working it should be possible to make the
>> necessary changes to the scripts.
>> Try increasing the debugging when you start smbd and nmbd and checking
>> the logs to see if there are error messages.
>> Maybe you will not need two instances of nmbd, but maybe someone else
>> can comment.

I understand now !
in the script "start-stop-daemon --start ........."  verify the process. 
if ithe process exist it don't execute the daemon.
Now i must change this.


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