[Samba] several domain

azzouz azzouz at hymedia.univ-paris8.fr
Thu Sep 3 07:54:58 MDT 2009

azzouz wrote:
> Clément VERET wrote:
>> 2009/9/2 azzouz <azzouz at hymedia.univ-paris8.fr>:
>>> Hi !
>>> Is it possible for one samba server to manage several domain ( seral
>>> instance) ?
>> Just run multiple smbd process with different config file and log dir :
>> smbd -s=$CONFIG_FILE -l=$LOG_PATH -D
>> You need to specify a different interface for each samba server as
>> well. Then, all you have to do is copying the original /etc/init.d/smb
>> file and modify the parameters for your second domain.
> Great!
> Thanks!
> Are there some who test this sort of configuration ?
> Don't this cause problems of load and availability  ?
> Y.


There is a probleme !

in the /etc/init.d/smb file there is a test:

# See if the daemons are there
test -x /usr/sbin/nmbd -a -x /usr/sbin/smbd || exit 0

have i to comment this line. If so it could cause conflict. can't it ?

i write instead :

test -x `/usr/sbin/nmbd -D -s $CONFIG_FILE` -a -x `/usr/sbin/smbd -D -s 
$CONFIG_FILE` || exit 0

in summary:

i create tow file in /etc/init.d: samb.domain1 and samba.domain2

when il execute the first one i get tow smbd instance a one of nmbd (i 
don't use yet wins). It 's normal.
But when execute the second one i get only one instance of nmbd. And 
vise versa.

I think that the amount og instance of smbd is limited. Where could 
configure the amount of instance

An other question : i use ldap for the account. What about you ?
could i configure tow domain in ldap with different SID ?

Thanks you help


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