[Samba] Password-less share, for certain users.

JDE socomm at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 18:52:13 MDT 2009

Thank you both, it doesn't sound like samba supports this behaviour
natively. Guess one other option would be to use pass-through
authentication via Active Directory, which, unfortunately, is not an
option in this scenario. Might have to go with a batch script that'll
just map this share to the users drive, not elegant but probably the
best solution I have this time.

Thanks again.

2009/9/2 Miguel Medalha <miguelmedalha at sapo.pt>:
>> "guest account" defines the unix account that is used to access the file
>> system when a guest connection is used. It doesn't determine who can use the
>> guest account.
> Huuummm....
> From the smb.conf man page:
> guest account (G)
> This is a username which will be used for access to services which are
> specified as guest ok (see below). Whatever privileges this user has will be
> available to any client connecting to the guest service. This user must
> exist in the password file, but does not require a valid login. The user
> account "ftp" is often a good choice for this parameter.
> On some systems the default guest account "nobody" may not be able to print.
> Use another account in this case. You should test this by trying to log in
> as your guest user (perhaps by using the su - command) and trying to print
> using the system print command such as lpr(1) or lp(1).
> This parameter does not accept % macros, because many parts of the system
> require this value to be constant for correct operation.
> Default: guest account = nobody # default can be changed at compile-time
> Example: guest account = ftp

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