[Samba] samba+cups printing. drivers on clients.

Sergey Karapetyan frenchgrey at mail.ru
Wed Sep 2 06:10:17 MDT 2009

Hello Guys!
Need help

CentOS 5.3;
Samba 3.0.33-3.7.el5;
Cups 1.3.7 (LPD / socket) RAW printing mode;

Windows clients:
2000 SP1-4;
XP SP1-2;
*has no administrative rights

I have already installed printer from myprintserver on clients:
name: printer_01
model: HP LJ 3050 (drivers automaticly downloaded then installing printer on windows clients at first time.)
works fine.

Sometimes printers need replace and replace drivers:
I replace printer_01 and now it Kyocera 4020DN

And i set correct driver to printer_01 on the myprintserver:
rpcclient -U'user%password' -c"setdriver printer_01 4020DN" myprintserver
Now all _new_ windows clients will get correct driver;
1)Old clients who has printer_01 will use old driver (HP). Update not occur.
If i remove printer_01 on windows client, driver not removes.
and if i try connect \\myprintserver\printer_01 windows client will use HP driver!
How can i completely remove printer+driver on windows client(without administrative rights) or another way to solve problem?

2)Some clients need Administrative Rights to first install printer driver? Or will be exception then try printer options page?

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