[Samba] Cannot connect from Windows 2000 to Samba 3.4.0 on Linux ....

Jochen Roderburg roderburg at uni-koeln.de
Tue Sep 1 05:46:45 MDT 2009

Second try via gmane, because direct mail to the mailing list was rejected :-(

... when using not-encrypted passwords.

Yes, I know, that is not the recommended secure way, but I want also AFS
authentication via samba and that does not work with encrypted windows passwords.

I have been doing this successfully for numerous years with all samba
generations from 1.x up to 3.3.x.
I do not see any changes in the 3.4 ChangeLog that could be related to this.

On the samba side there are no error messages in the log files (with standard
log levels). On the Windows side it either says no permission or repeatedly asks
for username/password.

Strange thing found during repeated test series with different samba versions:
when I start with an older version and get my connections, then kill all samba
daemons and start new with 3.4 (with same configuration/data directories)
everything suddenly works again. The old connection are still usable and new
connections can also be made. Of course this is very confusing and makes it hard
to recognize what actually is going on.

Update to my first try to report this problöm: I see that there is now a
relatively new bugzilla entry #6666 which looks similar to my case. Could this
be the same cause ???

Best regards,

Jochen Roderburg
University of Cologne
Robert-Koch-Str. 10                    Tel.:   +49-221/478-7024
D-50931 Koeln                          E-Mail: Roderburg at Uni-Koeln.DE

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