[Samba] idmapping changes from 3.0.10 to 3.4.2.

Wayne Rasmussen waynemonarch at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 16:37:12 MDT 2009

idmapping changes from  3.0.10 to 3.4.2.

Trying to transition from 3.0.10 to 3.4.2 with a minimal change to the
meaning it would be nice to only change the smb.conf file if possible.

The new version doesn't seem to properly work.  getent passwd only produces
entries from /etc/passwd.  Sometimes, getent passwd user will get results
but usually they don't.

Also, when winbindd (ves 3.0.10) started it would have a heavy load for
15 minutes while it loaded information.  This version (3.4.2) seems to have
very little load so it seems to act differently or it is having a problem.

Any suggestions on how to change the global section below quickly and easily
to make this a transparent tranision?

Below is the global section of our smb.conf for 3.0.10.
Note: I changed the workgroup/realm for posting. I just want it to work like
the previous system worked.

        workgroup = XX
        realm = XX.YYY.ZZZ
        security = ADS
        encrypt passwords = yes
        log level = 1
        idmap uid = 2000-900000
        idmap gid = 2000-900000
        winbind enum users = yes
        winbind enum groups = yes
        template homedir = /u/%U
        template shell = /bin/false
        winbind use default domain = yes
        winbind cache time = 1800
        wins server =
        client schannel = no
#starting to add stuff to see how things are working
#username map = /usr/local/samba/lib/users.map
#guestaccount = NULL
#load printers = yes
log file = /usr/local/samba/var/log.%m

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