[Samba] winbind + Active Directory + email

gregorcy brian.gregorcy at utah.edu
Thu Oct 29 11:56:10 MDT 2009

Robert LeBlanc wrote:
> Ok, I can't seem to search for the right thing to get what I need. I'm
> looking for a solution where if quota or some other mailing system needs to
> send an email to an Active Directory user, that it uses the email address
> listed in Active Directory for that user. We are connected to Active
> Directory using winbind, on one system we are using pam_winbind, on another
> we are not. Of course, I'm looking for the simplest option. It seems that
> mail is being sent to user_at_hostname right now.
> Thanks,
> Robert LeBlanc
> Life Sciences & Undergraduate Education Computer Support
> Brigham Young University

Hi Robert,

I used the ldapsearch command in a preexec script to create a .forward, the command I used was:

> # ldapsearch -D "cn=SOMEFAKEUSERR,ou=Service,dc=domain,dc=utah,dc=edu" -b "ou=CHE_Users,dc=domain,dc=utah,dc=edu" -w PASSWORD -x -LLL "(sAMAccountName=00112413)" mail | grep mail
> # Output looks like this:
> # mail: FOOBAR at eng.utah.edu

I can send the entire script if you are interested, the above is just what handles the email.

Brian Gregorcy
IT Manager
University of Utah
Department of Chemical Engineering

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