[Samba] Samba/Cups issues across a network

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Wed Oct 28 22:34:48 MDT 2009

On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 04:11:42PM -0700, Marc Chamberlin wrote:
> Hello
> I am in the process of trying to set up a Cups server and a Samba server  
> on a central Linux system in my home SOHO network. The network is  
> configured as a simple workgroup with all peer to peer connections.  
> There is no domain controller. On this network I have a printer attached  
> to a Win2K machine.
> The Cups server is require so as to use a special driver from TurboPrint  
> for processing and preparing files for printing. Most of the Samba  
> server seems to be set up correctly in that I am able to access shared  
> files from other computers on my network. The only part which is not  
> working is the ability to send files to the Samba server, from other  
> computers on my network, for forwarding on to the Cups server, which in  
> turn processes and forwards the files on to the Win2K system for  
> printing out.
> If, on the central server itself, I use an lp command to send a file  
> directly to the CUPs server, it works fine and the file will be printed  
> out. And like I mentioned I can browse files on the server from other  
> computers on my network. So, too my uneducated eyes, this appears to be  
> possibly some sort of authentication problem between the Samba server  
> and the Cup's server? If so, how can I trace it down to figure out  
> exactly why such a problem is occurring?
> Another item of interest is that when I send a file from some computer  
> on my network, to the Samba/Cups server on the central computer, I do  
> see briefly the print job showing up in the print queue on the Win2K  
> machine! So perhaps there is some sort of authentication issue that is  
> arising from all this interaction and the Win2K machine is refusing to  
> print the job because of some kind of authentication problem? Again, if  
> so, how can I trace it down?
> The Samba server is configured to use User level security. I have looked  
> in the various log files, Samba appears to be reporting that everything  
> went fine and the incoming username/password were accepted. However I do  
> not see anything being reported in the CUP's log files...
> Dunno what other info is needed, and will be happy to supply copies of  
> any config files that might be helpful. Thanks in advance for any help  
> offered, I know this might be more complex than most setups, but I am at  
> a loss on how to proceed.

Post your smb.conf so we can see how this is set up. Also, what
version of Samba on what Linux distro ?


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