[Samba] Lots of smbd processes and connections?

Brian bbayorgeon at charter.net
Mon Oct 26 19:57:20 MDT 2009

Just looked .... I'm getting 500K log every 12 seconds with log level 2.  My
"new" server is a box with modern hardware and so forth and its spending 24%
processor time filling out logs.

John suggest 3.3.8 and I realized I was at 3.3.3 so I upgraded samba to
3.3.8 and got the same result!

So I have had samba version 3.0.something (older FBSD implementation, older
166 pentium) through 3.3.8 running (7.2 FBSD implementation with modern
hardware) and all of them are being flooded by vista.  Ya ya I know...blame
Gates, but there must be a fix here some place?

The situation with 3.3.8 is the first time I noticed dozens of samba
processes spawned as a result.  Earlier versions got spammed, but didn't
branch a bunch of processes.

thanks for your help in advance.


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On 10/26/09 6:34 PM, "Brian" <bbayorgeon at charter.net> wrote:

> Ohh and I started getting this again.....this problem has come and gone
> lately...its back now.
> Any thoughts would be appreciated.

> Oct 26 18:00:36 oldjunk smbd[12268]: [2009/10/26 18:00:36,  0]
> smbd/service.c:make_connection(1292)
> Oct 26 18:00:36 oldjunk smbd[12268]:   dadsdesktop ( couldn't
> find service roo



I'm seeing lots (~500k per day) of log entries like:
smbd[13939]: itlab-pc06 (::ffff: couldn't find service it261

In this case, the last character of the request is truncated - it should be

I'm seeing the same/similar issue to

I've dismissed this over the last few weeks as a minor inconvenience, but
I'm now convinced that it's affecting the performance of the Windows client
machines that are connecting to it - a 30 second operation on local disk,
takes upwards of 5 mins over a network connection, generating thousands of
entries similar to the above.


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