[Samba] nss_winbind / offline logon

Richard Foltyn richard.foltyn at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 12:29:03 MDT 2009

Petteri Heinonen wrote:
> Thanks Steve, but didn't help. I have tried several combinations of
> NOTFOUND and SUCCESS etc here. Also, this is what man page of
> nsswitch.conf says:
> success
>               No error occurred and the wanted entry is returned.  The
> default
>               action for this is 'return'.
> So when user is found locally, the default action should anyway be
> 'return', that is, NOT to continue to winbind module. That is exactly
> the problem I'm having; why does nsswitch continue to query anything
> from winbind because the user is already found from local database?
> -Petteri

Another thing you might want to try is modyfing the cache settings of 

I have a similar setup but use ldap instead of winbind, and every time 
the network connection is gone everything hangs. I therefore configured 
nscd to cache entries for passwd and groups locally between restarts.

Have a look at "persistent" in the nscd man page. You'll have to 
manually create /var/db/nscd/ for this to work, IIRC.

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