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Sat Oct 24 11:53:36 MDT 2009

On Fri 23/10/09  4:31 PM , Adam Williams  wrote:      
 Paras pradhan wrote:   

	 On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 2:07 PM,  wrote:     

	 Most mainstream Linux distros are compiling in LDAP support these
days, noproblem.  Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and SuSE are all compiling in
LDAP in theirstandard packages, AFAIK.  I'm not sure what BSDs are
doing these days, butI'd bet they're the same way.     

	 I am under solaris 9 (ancient) platform. Now my compilation seems
to be OK, now need to find ways to connect this to the sun ldap
server. Any info on this will be a great help Thanks Paras.  in
CentOS/Fedora you use nss_ldap, i'm not sure what solaris uses, maybe
you can compile nss_ldap from source and setup /etc/ldap.conf and
	See this link for excellent info:
http://aput.net/~jheiss/krbldap/howto.html#ldapclient [2]

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[2] http://aput.net/~jheiss/krbldap/howto.html#ldapclient

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