[Samba] tdb locking issue - Solaris 10 and Samba 3.0.33

Ray Van Dolson rvandolson at esri.com
Fri Oct 23 16:09:06 MDT 2009

On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 02:37:15PM -0700, Volker Lendecke wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 02:18:19PM -0700, Ray Van Dolson wrote:
> > (Yes, I should upgrade Samba to 3.0.35).
> > 
> > We're running the Sun provided Samba daemon (SUNWsmbau and friends) on
> > Solaris 10 Generic_138888-08 (sparc).
> > 
> > Lots of Windows clients (mixed XP, 2003, 2008) hit this server and
> > periodically we'll start seeing smbd processes begin piling up.  These
> > processes can't be killed with a normal kill -- only kill -9 will do
> > the trick.
> Probably someone else is holding the same lock for some
> reason and is stuck in a file system syscall.
> Under Linux you would look at /proc/locks to find that info,
> no idea how to find the current lock holder under Solaris.
> You need to find that one and see what syscall that guy is
> stuck in.

I'm not sure how to do this either.  Guess I could pfiles on every
other PID on the system.

I know there are other PID's also in the same state, trying to get what
appears to be the same lock...

> BTW, you don't happen to run something like samfs?

No SamFS on this environment.

> Volker


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