[Samba] UID - high need to lower it for a test user - active directory auth

Michael Wood esiotrot at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 09:43:20 MDT 2009

2009/10/23 KJS <lists at netzensolutions.com>:
>> If it's a wild goose chase it's my fault.  He is having trouble with
>> some commercial software when run by domain users instead of local
>> users.
>> The differences between them as far as I could tell are:
>> The local users all have UIDs and primary group IDs << 65536.
>> The domain users all have UIDs and primary group IDs >> 65536.
>> Also, the primary group name of the domain users is "Domain Users".
>> i.e. it has a space in it.
>> Since traditionally UIDs and GIDs were 16 bit numbers, I thought it
>> was possible that this commercial software somehow did not like the
>> large UIDs/GIDs.
>> Perhaps it would be easier to test a local user with a high UID and
>> primary group ID to see if that also does not work.
> Perhaps, I guess create a user then "usermod -u NUMBER login" or just create
> a user and edit the /etc/passwd entry?


root:~# addgroup --gid 70000 testgroup
Adding group `testgroup' (GID 70000) ...
root:~# adduser --uid 70000 --gid 70000 testuser
Adding user `testuser' ...
Adding new user `testuser' (70000) with group `testgroup' ...
Creating home directory `/home/testuser' ...
Copying files from `/etc/skel' ...
Enter new UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:
passwd: password updated successfully
Changing the user information for testuser
Enter the new value, or press ENTER for the default
	Full Name []: test
	Room Number []:
	Work Phone []:
	Home Phone []:
	Other []:
Is the information correct? [y/N] y
root:~# id testuser
uid=70000(testuser) gid=70000(testgroup) groups=70000(testgroup)

> I am running out of ideas so I am having to rule everything out... only
> other thing that is different is the location of the users home dir instead
> on /home/user its /home/DOMAIN/user.

Michael Wood <esiotrot at gmail.com>

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