[Samba] UID - high need to lower it for a test user - active directory auth

James Kosin james_kosin at cox.net
Thu Oct 22 21:06:03 MDT 2009

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> Hi Guys,
>> I am having some problems with Active Directory users using a bit of 
>> software on our server, my AD users are authing via Winbind this works 
>> fine and the only difference I can see between a local  user and an AD 
>> user is the fact the AD user has a MUCH higher UID, how can I create a 
>> user with a low UID to test this?  I don't want to change them all yet as 
>> it might not be this that is causing the problem.
>> Many Thanks,
>> KJS

What sort of problem are you having?

The higher UID for non-local users is normal and shouldn't be touched in 
most cases.  This is to keep the local UIDs different significantly from the 
ones that are not local.
The only problem you may be having would be if you have a huge number of 
local users.  In which case you would have to determine if it would be 
better to create all local account for everyone on the domain to keep from 
having problems.  But, I seriously doubt this is the problem.

James K. 

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