[Samba] Reliability issues when using Windows 7

Gernot Gebhard gebhard at absint.com
Thu Oct 22 05:51:22 MDT 2009


Volker Lendecke wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 01:28:29PM +0200, Gernot Gebhard wrote:
>> at our company we are using Samba 4.3.2 in conjunction with Windows 7.
>> We use the Windows 7 machines for our nightly compiles. However,
>> occasionally the schedules compiles stop with a Windows network error
>> message, such as:
>> .
>> .
>> .
>> [ 16%] Generating ui/moc_versiondialog.cxx
>> [ 16%] NMAKE : fatal error U1077:
>> 'R:\usr\20091022\121890\release\win\bin\cmake.exe' : return code
>> '0xc00000c3'
>> Stop.
> Can you do a network trace of such a failure? Information on
> how to create useful network traces can be found under
> http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Capture_Packets

unfortunately this appears to be infeasible in our environment. We also
tried to search the samba log files (log level 3) for any clues, yet
without luck.

To give you some insight in our setting: We have 9 Windows 7 clients,
each with 4 compile slots, accessing our file server via Samba.
Additionally, the file server exports the Samba share via NFS to our
Linux compile cluster.

The described error occurs rather rarely in comparison with the number
of compiles we schedule. If all 9 machines are compiling some package in
parallel then maybe on of them fails. But not all the time.
Additionally, it is really hard to predict which machine will fail. Thus
capturing such a trace will produce a lot of data, such that I really
doubt we will be able to find the reason.

Currently, we are trying to only compile on a single machine. If this
triggers the error, we can then try to produce a packet trace.

However, is there any other possibility?

Kind regards,

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