[Samba] Reliability issues when using Windows 7

Gernot Gebhard gebhard at absint.com
Thu Oct 22 05:28:29 MDT 2009

at our company we are using Samba 4.3.2 in conjunction with Windows 7.
We use the Windows 7 machines for our nightly compiles. However,
occasionally the schedules compiles stop with a Windows network error
message, such as:

[ 16%] Generating ui/moc_versiondialog.cxx
[ 16%] NMAKE : fatal error U1077:
'R:\usr\20091022\121890\release\win\bin\cmake.exe' : return code

This error code (STATUS_INVALID_NETWORK_RESPONSE) tells me that
something appears to be wrong with the communication of the Windows 7
machine from/to the Samba server.

Interestingly, this error only occurs if multiple compile jobs are being
executed on a single machine. If only one compile job is allowed,
everything works just fine. However, using Quad-Cores for a single
compile job is not what we really want.

Our compile jobs have the following structure:

1. Mount the samba share via net use <drive>: \\server\share
2. Execute compile
3. Unmount the sma share via net use <drive>: /DELETE

(Note that removing 3. does not resolve this issue).

Before migrating to Windows 7 we have been using Windows XP in our
compile farm, not having these problems. Unfortunately, the migration to
Win 7 was necessary to have 64bit compiles.

Does anyone know what to do here? How to find the real issue for this

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
Gernot Gebhard

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