[Samba] Problem with users (authing over Active Directory) not being about to run software, but local users can.

KJS lists at netzensolutions.com
Wed Oct 14 05:00:43 MDT 2009

Hi Guys,

I have a CentOS box running with Active Directory Authentication via 
winbind and that is working fine.

When users login for the first time their home dir's are created in 
/home/%DOMAIN%/ which is also working fine.

Now, they have installed a bit of commercial software on the CentOS 
server which works fine for all the local users but not the users 
logging in via Active Directory auth. Note this software does use a gui 
interface, when asking for support they would only support RHEL (not the 

Users logging in over Active Directory get the following error:

Error id=371530

Fatal: Internal system error, cannot recover.

Release = 'C-2009.06-1'  Architecture = 'linux'  Program = 'DVE'

'164492884 142997729 164493463 -6912 -6273988 164440005 164565674 
164214114 142860386 142254224 141374259 1732236'

Now the difference between the two users account's are:

Local User (who is a member of some AD groups):

uid=501(davep) gid=501(davep) groups=501(davep),502(edf),16777216(domain 
users),16777225(subversion),16777226(web workplace 

Active Directory User:

uid=16777238(kjs) gid=16777216(domain users) groups=16777216(domain 
users),502(edf),16777225(subversion),16777226(web workplace 

So basically I have been sat here trying to work out the difference 
between the two users accounts, I have tested on other accounts also 
with the same results it works on a local account fine, but not on a 
user authenticating via AD.



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