[Samba] Web share issue

Poulter, Dale dale.poulter at Vanderbilt.Edu
Mon Oct 19 19:00:55 MDT 2009


We are moving to Solaris for our web server.  We have many domain groups who should have access to specific directories owned by the web unix user but not all.  We are using acls but this still is not working.  Here are our settings


       path = /apps/webshare
       read only = no
       browseable = no
       guest ok = no
       force security mode = 0770
    valid users = @VAND\Web_Editors
       public = no
       force user=web
       hide unreadable = yes
       inherit acls = yes
       inherit permissions = no
       create mask = 700
       directory mask = 700
       hide unreadable = yes
       admin users =   @VAND\serveradmins

/apps/webshare  --main share,  only allowed directories are visible
/apps/webshare/test ---only   @VAND\all should see and have access
/apps/webshare/test2 --- admins should be able to see and edit,  others should not even see the directory.

Any suggestions?  Thanks.


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