[Samba] ln: creating symbolic link `file.txt': Operation not supported, Mounted to Windows 2003 shared

Louie Miranda lmiranda at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 21:25:37 MDT 2009

I did a couple of research and found no real solutions, so I thought I
posted this on the samba mailing list.

The date today is October 19, 2009 and I am sure a lot of people is also
finding a fix.

My server is running Debian Linux (lenny) -- where I am mounting the windows
share and trying to link
My shared folder is running Windows 2003 Server

I mounted the windows shared folder on my debian lenny using cifs (since
smbfs is depreciated as I was told).

// on /web type cifs (rw,mand,noexec,nosuid,nodev)

Note: The mount worked.

Ok, I tested to link within that shared folder...

cd /web
ln -s index.php sample.php
ln: creating symbolic link `sample.php': Operation not supported --- this is
the error.

How can I make this work? Any help or clarification is appreciated.

Louie Miranda
- Email: lmiranda at gmail.com
- Web: www.louiemiranda.com

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