[Samba] MDB database corruption

Francesco Abeni f.abeni at gibilogic.com
Sun Oct 18 12:49:39 MDT 2009

Andrew Masterson ha scritto:
>>> That is known and has been already dealt with. But i can't deny that
>>> the only thing i changed was my Linux and Samba version.
>> I remember there were issues with the 3.0 series earlier on with
>> MSAccess, but I haven't heard anything since 3.2.
> Try
> veto oplock files =
> /*.mdb/*.MDB/*.mde/*.MDE/*.accdb/*.ACCDB/*.ldb/*.LDB/
> in your smb.conf

Disabling oplocks DOES indeed cure the issue (no corruption since a 
couple of weeks)... but, unfortunately, it slows a little the response 
from the application. That is, i think, the best we can get.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions.


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