[Samba] MDB database corruption

Andrew Masterson Andrew.Masterson at nuvistaenergy.com
Fri Oct 16 09:45:07 MDT 2009

> Mmh... i'd like to stick with official repository. So you're telling
> that Ubuntu Server 8.04 is quite behind in keeping Samba version
> up-to-date?

Well according to the Samba website the latest release in the 3.0 series
is 3.0.37.  But that branch is only being maintained with security
releases, the current release in the 3.2 branch is 3.2.15.  But even the
3.2 branch has now been superseded with 3.4, so yes, 3.0.28a is quite
old :-)

> That is known and has been already dealt with. But i can't deny that
> only thing i changed was my Linux and Samba version.
> I'll plan an update of Samba, and investigate other causes as well.
> Thank you.

I remember there were issues with the 3.0 series earlier on with
MSAccess, but I haven't heard anything since 3.2.




veto oplock files =

in your smb.conf


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