[Samba] How to disallow to create files with bad charracters

Joerg Thuemmler listen at vordruckleitverlag.de
Thu Oct 15 03:12:19 MDT 2009

Dusan Zatkovsky schrieb:
> On Wednesday 14 of October 2009 14:21:52 morgan at tuxedo.darktech.org wrote:
>> 	I don't think so (at least not on Samba 3.x), but you can always
>> access files with "bad" names via their mangled (short) name if you
>> have filename mangling turned on.
> This is not what I am looking for. I need to have "simple and clean" ascii 
> filenames without special charracters and spaces on linux filesystem. I don't 
> care filenames on windows behind samba share, there should remain 'native'.

I don't think you can get what you want: samba IMHO doesn't have 2
filename representations (as - maybe you think of - joliot and rockridge
on CDs), there's always one fs with one native name. So if your fs
allows strange names under windows you can't change this in the linux
view. Charset translations are possible but no more. You better find a
way to dial with the "special" names.

I had the problem myself - had to burn DVD from samba share with
"strange" win filenames, at least it was the best way to use same
charset (iso8859-15) on both sides and to build heavy violated iso
images (what's no problem today if the only readers are newer linux and
windows systems and joliot and rockridge are built with all their

To prevent evel it's often enough to use " and ' in scripts.

cu jth

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